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How to upgrade Compatibility Wrapper and XMLSERVICe

Posted: Wed May 11, 2016 9:41 am
by fran3576
Hi, how can i upgrade this component on my R5V4?

I install zend server 5.6.0 and after the hotfix 7 that

XML Toolkit 12-07 Update
- Toolkit Compatibility Wrapper and Zend Toolkit API Beta version 1.3.0
- XMLSERVICE objects version 1.7.0

But i found this problem

with V5R4=true on toolkit.ini and this versione of XMLSERVICE only 32 parameters is ok.

I want to try to update the component but how can i do?

I install XMLSERVICE from here youngiprofessionals?

And after this

PHPToolkitInstall from youngiprofessionals?

How can i find that is ok for V5R4?