Permission denied to access property,iframe javascript error

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Permission denied to access property,iframe javascript error

Postby gskat on Mon Nov 19, 2012 9:39 pm

We are testing a functional PHP application on the Zend CE server/Apache combination running under Win XP. The problem we're experiencing is an apparent domain disconnect when the server deals with iframes. The javascript code running in the iframe is unable to access the parent window scope javascript objects and variables even though they are both delivered to the client by the same application with the exact same URL, running in the same PHP Session. We have developed and tested this app under XP and Apache 2.2 as well as under FreeBsd and Apache with no issues. We would like to move this app to the Zend Server and Zend Guard before going into production but this is a show stopper. Not only is it falling over on this issue but the server appears to have cached the code in question and even when we rename the particular source file on the disk, it still delivers the old code. We would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on how to resolve these issues. Yeah, we've restarted Apache and restarted PHP with the Zend Server Mgr. All the extensions are turned off in the Zend Server Mgr as well.
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