zend cache not working with some chars in key?

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zend cache not working with some chars in key?

Postby sagimann on Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:19 am

Hi all,
I have a few test installments of server CE, one on Mac 10.8.2, one on Linux EC2 instance, both using the default zend cache implementation that comes with the installation.

On both machines, I call:
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apc_store("Installation:1234:lastActivity", "x", 120);

Then I call apc_fetch for that key.
On the Mac, apc_fetch works.
On the Linux, apc_fetch returns FALSE and fails.

Now for the weird stuff on the Linux box, a few tests I made:
1. If I remove the last char in the key (y), apc_fetch works.
2. If I change the colon (:) to slash (/), apc_fetch works.

Any ideas what is going on?
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