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Zend Server CE - WebSmart php ToolKitApi

Post by jmartin17 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:07 am

I am running on ReleaseV5R4 using the new ToolKitApi. I want to use get job attribute for the Job Name User Name and Job Number
I have the latest CW.php and the connection works to the iSeries but I am having trouble using i5_job_list_read to get
the attributes?

I have in my code:

global $i5conn;
global $db2conn;
$db2conn = xl_db2_connect($options);
if(!($i5conn = xl_i5_connect()))
die("Unable to get an i5 connection");
die('Failed to connect to database!');
$jobAttr = $i5conn->getJobAttributes();

function getJobAttributes() {

echo("<BR> STMT 261 i5_job_list_read: ");

it does not return anything? Does anyone know what is wrong or have used this i5_job_list_read?

James R. Martin
J Martin Associates

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