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Post by 8g0phsk1bn_dlppl23a5 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:39 am


I am trying to frame a query in Zend where-in i have to fetch data from 2 Databases.

something like this
'bay_types' => 'bay_types'
), "bay_types.bay_type_id = dealer_bays.bay_type_id", array(
))->where('dealer_id=?', $dealerId)->where("is_active = 'A'")->order("bay_type_id")->order("bay_name")->order("created_date");

Now, here table bay_types is in one schema say "A" and dealer_bays is in other schema say "B".
I have a config.ini which has details of default schema "A". Value of DB "B" is something i am dynamically fetching and appending to table names.
But this doesnot seem to work.


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