Zend Guard loader 5.5 remoing method annotations

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Zend Guard loader 5.5 remoing method annotations

Postby 6zvm-n2w93k9yf144s4 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:41 pm


We are now trying new version of zend encoder 5.5 before purchase. But we're experiencing some issues.
Encoder removes annotation comments above methods in classes. Example:

* Executes multi request
* @service
* @anonym
* @return Gpf_Rpc_Serializable
public function run(Gpf_Rpc_Params $params) {

after encode we're not able to get this annotation via reflection api.

We unchecked "Remove PHPDoc blocks" and "Remove line numbers" in guard GUI.
We also disabled obfuscation and all optimizations
But still...

We tried encode process from GUI and also from command line but without success.
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