Zend Early Access for 5.4

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Zend Early Access for 5.4

Postby wger2774 on Thu May 04, 2017 1:57 pm

I have encoded file in one server with version 5.4

I need run script in other server with php 5.6

I try to download from here but links is not works viewtopic.php?t=6595
Where i can download Early Access version for 5.4 php?
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Re: Zend Early Access for 5.4

Postby zvika on Thu May 11, 2017 7:36 am

The Guard downloads page has downloads for older versions.
The downloads on the page are GA, not EA (early access).

Guard 6 encodes PHP 5.3+5.4
Guard 7 encodes PHP 5.5+5.6
Each version has its own Guard Loaders, a separate package which needs to be installed on the correct PHP (NTS) runtime.

You cannot execute PHP 5.4 encoded scripts on PHP 5.6, you need the same minor version.
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