Strangest crash ever (zendguard) (windows/liunx)

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Strangest crash ever (zendguard) (windows/liunx)

Postby fern8245 on Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:57 am

So, we were about to release a new version from our product when we found out that a page wasn't loading. I went to investigate and discovered that a bizarre combination of variables may lead zend to crash.

PHP Version 5.6.8
Zend Guard version 7
Files generated under linux and windows crashs

I'm attaching two versions of the same script:
1 - Line 142, "$fe = $this;" is uncommented - throw fatal
2 - Line 142, the same variable is commented - works accordingly

I'm attaching both encoded and decoded versions.

What is curious about this:
If you remove a single variable from the script, php works normally.

This script may not make sense, but it was stripped down from a much bigger one. That's the smallest part that throws the error I could get.

Here are the errors on linux (from nginx):
[error] 68#0: *133 recv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer)

Any help on this?

PS: I had to rar the encoded files because this forum wasn't letting me upload them
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