Show expected and actual when PHPUnit assertEquals fails

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Show expected and actual when PHPUnit assertEquals fails

Postby veldmanf on Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:41 pm

When I run a unit test in ZendStudio 9 that uses assertEquals, in case the assertion fails, all I get is:
<method>: Failed asserting that two strings are equal.

Same for arrays. Only when I use integers in my test I actually see the expected and actual values. Not very useful, because I need to dive into the debugger to see what's wrong (just dumping the values to the console doesn't work either, since PHPUnit eats all output). I know from the commandline version of PHPUnit that it does output the actual values, but the ZendStudio interface just seems to drop that info.

How can I get expected and actual values for all types in ZendStudio?
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