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Zend Studio 8.0.x Beta Update Site

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:33 am
by rbzend
Since the release of Zend Studio 8.0.0 the developers produced a series of fixes in order to address several problems reported by our customers. Because of some constraints imposed by our release process, we cannot make this an official release. On the other hand, we consider those fixes fairly stable and believe that our customers can benefit from them. This is why we decided to publish the latest builds through a separate update site.

Please use the following procedure to apply the fixes to your installation of Zend Studio:

1. Go to Help | Install New Software.
2. In the dialog that opens paste the following URL into the Work with field:
3. Press Enter and wait for the list to populate.
4. Select all list items and click Next.
5. Follow the wizard's instructions to complete the installation. At the end, Zend Studio needs to be restarted.

Changelog for Zend Studio 8.0.1 Biuld 20110317

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:39 am
by rbzend
[fixed] In large PHP files (over 2000 lines) code parsing was very slow.
[fixed] Built-In PHP executables crashed on Warning or Error during local run/debug.
[fixed] JavaScript Validator threw Java Null Pointer Exception.
[fixed] Error "Unsupported Content Type" occurred when opening a PHP file from the SVN Repositories or CVS Repositories view.
[fixed] Using the keyboard shortcut Toggle Breakpoint (Ctrl+Shift+B) resulted in a breakpoint of a wrong type (JS instead of PHP). NB: the fix will work only after workspace reset.
[fixed] Hyperlinks in tooltips were not working.
[fixed] Code Formatter used to remove the leading backslash in namespaced paths. Code example:

Code: Select all

class Test extends \Test2 {public function run(\Test3 $test) {}}
[fixed] When opening the Project Properties through the main menu (Project | Properties) the Remote Server Support page was not available.
[improvement] Remote Server Support does not perform full re-scan of the remote resources, unless necessary.
[improvement] The Remote Search page has been removed from the Search dialog, because this functionality does not exist.
[improvement] Added keyboard shortcuts for file upload/download in Remote Server Support (Shift+Alt+P,U and Shift+Alt+P,D).
[update] Zend Framework Example Project (Guestbook) has been updated to the latest version from the Zend Framework project site.

Changelog for Zend Studio 8.0.1 Biuld 20110331

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:00 pm
by rbzend
[fixed] Refactor/Rename keyboard shortcut (Shift+Alt+R) was not working due to a conflict.
[improvement] PHP 5.3 is the new workspace default.

Changelog for Zend Studio 8.0.1 Biuld 20110616

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:28 pm
by rbzend
[improvement] Zend Framework updated to version 1.11.6.
[fixed] Trial period ended prematurely after the upgrade to Zend Studio 8.0.1.
[fixed] When closing a project with Remote Server Support all files were being uploaded to the server.