Zend Studio 10.5 - Early Access Release

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Zend Studio 10.5 - Early Access Release

Post by natalia_b_zend » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:36 pm

Zend is pleased to announce the early access release of Zend Studio 10.5!

CAUTION: As this is an early access preview several features are either incomplete or not yet implemented and you may encounter bugs. Please pay attention to new requirements section in the Release Notes. We recommend to prepare backup copies of your projects (or whole workspace) before you start using Zend Studio 10.5.
We will appreciate bug reports and feedback sent to studio10feedback@zend.com.

In this release:

* New Zend Studio 10.5 can analyse and validate your php project up to twice as fast as previous releases with improved responsiveness. Get real-time error detection and intuitive content assist instantly while you code.

* Dependency management is now made easy with new Composer integration. Declare your dependencies within a configuration file, and then run a single command to immediately pull them into your project. Zend Studio 10.5 enables easy browsing, adding, modifying, removing and updating your project dependencies as well as repository management. Composer integration is now a default feature of Zend Studio and installation via Welcome page is no longer required.

* Build reliable and bug free PHP projects thanks to improved integration with PHPUnit library including upgraded library version and improved workflows.

* Create comprehensive code documentation effortlessly using PHPDocumentor 2. In addition to php doc blocks generation, transparent installation and easy execution of PHPDocumentor directly from IDE now you can define, select and switch between different configuration profiles.

* Zend Studio 10.5 ships with improved integration and upgraded version of Apache Cordova (platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript) that enables generation of native client-side apps for multiple platforms, easy testing and maintenance of your mobile project. In addition to better performance new lightweight version of Apache Cordova provides support for native Windows Phone 8 apps.

* New version of mobile drag & drop editor provides new components, better experience for working with html files and makes user interface prototyping more fun.

* Git integration is now by default included in Zend Studio. No need to install additional plugins from Welcome page.

Early Access Page
Release Notes
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Zend Studio Team