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Zend Studio 10.5 Available!

Post by natalia_b_zend » Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:18 pm

Zend is pleased to announce the release of Zend Studio 10.5!

You can download this release from:

* Zend Studio 10.5 requires new license. New licenses have been automatically generated for all customers with valid subscription, you'll find it in your Zend account! New licenses don't work with earlier versions of Studio (< 10.5).
* Since Zend Studio 10.5 release we provide only 64-bit packages for Mac OS X. This means there will be no updates possible for 32-bit Zend Studio 10.X on Mac OS X. A new installation of 64-bit Zend Studio is required. Existing workspaces can be used with new 64-bit installation.

In this release:
* New Zend Studio 10.5 can analyse and validate your php project up to twice as fast as previous releases with improved responsiveness. Get real-time error detection and intuitive content assist instantly while you code.
* Dependency management is now made easy with new Composer integration. Declare your dependencies within a configuration file, and then run a single command to immediately pull them into your project. Zend Studio 10.5 enables easy browsing, adding, modifying, removing and updating your project dependencies as well as repository management. Composer integration is now a default feature of Zend Studio and installation via Welcome page is no longer required.
* Build reliable and bug free PHP projects thanks to improved integration with PHPUnit library including upgraded library version (3.7) and improved workflows.
* Create comprehensive code documentation effortlessly using PHPDocumentor 2. In addition to php doc blocks generation, transparent installation and easy execution of PHPDocumentor directly from IDE now you can define, select and switch between different configuration profiles.
* Zend Studio 10.5 ships with improved integration and upgraded version of Apache Cordova (platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript) that enables generation of native client-side apps for multiple platforms, easy testing and maintenance of your mobile project. In addition to better performance new lightweight version of Apache Cordova provides support for native Windows Phone 8 apps.
* New version of mobile drag & drop editor provides new components, better experience for working with html files and makes user interface prototyping more fun.
* Git integration is improved and now by default included in Zend Studio. No need to install additional plugins from Welcome page.

Fixed bugs:

Composer & PHPDocumentor
Multiple issues fixed in brand new implementation of Composer support and updated integration with PHPDocumentor 2.

Debug as php Unit shows 0% code coverage.
Unit tests of ZF Example Project contain wrong code and don't run as expected.
PHPUnit fails on the ZF Example project (Guestbook).
Create a PHPunit test case file, then move this file to another project - An unexpected exception while creating a change object.
Zend Studio creates a new launch configuration each time PHPUnit Run is triggered.
Add a suggestion to include PHPUnit in a project's PHP include path.
Improve PHPUnit Preference Page Layout.
Creating PHPUnit test case - the list of classes is not displayed by default.

Git & GitHub
Git & GitHub support should be built-in by default.
Project from git - Paste action (Ctrl+V) causes "String index out of range: -1" error in a dialog.
Delete of closed project fails when clone from GitHub.
Project from Git wizard - cloning a project from cloud you get: An internal error occurred during: "Auto share git projects".
Pasting a url to github project URI field yields error.

PHP processing, DLTK
Try to type file name in New PHP Class wizard - you get an error on top.
DLTK problem: UnusedUseStatementFinder.visit.
Zend Studio 10 marks PHP functions as unrecognized over time.
418780 Several constants for openssl lack since PHP 5.4.8.
419288 Fix 3 problems in ASTRewrite and related class.
418610 MethodInvocation, StaticMethodInvocation and ClassIntanceCreation placeholder factory.
417881 PHPCorrectionProcessor throw NumberFormatException if project containts annotation with string identifier.

Cloud, Remote Systems and Deployment
Files are uploaded automatically when should be manually.
Remote connection is not saved in a project configuration.
Opening SSH tunnel to phpcloud freezes.
Incorrect validation on Automatic Upload property page.

Mobile drag & drop designer
Index.html is overwritten on save.
Mobile drag & drop editor display error on Windows.
Horizontal and vertical scroll bars should be fixed in mobile UI editor.
Double-click on a widget in Mobile GUI Editor shall open the bound JavaScript handler in editor.
Bindings cannot be saved in GUI editor.

When license user limit is reached it should be possible to enter a different license key.

Full Release Notes attached.

We would like to thank all of our early access program participants for their feedback. Please keep it coming: studio10feedback@zend.com

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