Conflict with existing app from local target?

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Conflict with existing app from local target?

Post by fdrouillard » Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:12 am

I'm trying some the Zend Studio tutorials, but I'm getting nowhere. Nothing seems to work.

Take the tutorial "Deploying Applications to Zend Server" for example. When get to the last step to launch my application, it won't all me to finish because "Application URL has a conflict with an existing application from a local target."

When I finally add a target that is not in conflict, I get the highly informative "Problem Occurred" warning that states " 'Deploying the applications …' has encountered a problem. Error during deploying application to '1' "

What the heck is going on? Why does Zend make it so difficult for newbies to learn to use their products? I can't work through a single tutorial they've produced without failing miserably or running into problems. Is that what I can expect from apps developed with Zend products?

I've clearly got some problems with my setup, but I can't get answers on how to create a local Dev Env. Some of the answers that were provided are wrong or fail to address my questions. And the documentation available is either out-of-date or written for people that are already expert users of their products.

That stinks and it's very frustrating and discouraging. I've been trying to make this thing go for about two weeks and I'm ready to wash my hands of all things Zend. Their products aren't for newbies.

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Re: Conflict with existing app from local target?

Post by natalia_b_zend » Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:20 pm

"Application URL has a conflict with an existing application from a local target." this message means that you created your project in htdocs of your Apache server, and now you're trying to deploy to the same url. To fix this you have to either:
1. Move project from htdocs to another location.
2. Deploy to different application url.
Natalia Bartol
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Re: Conflict with existing app from local target?

Post by beach_defender » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:39 am

This soltion is not acceptable.

In a professional environment, one is working on many projects/applications at any one time, It's ridiculous to suggest the we can only have one application under htdocs, or any other folder for that matter.

Why is this restriction in force, it makes using Zend Server too hard in a multi-project environment.

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Re: Conflict with existing app from local target?

Post by kaloyan_r » Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:33 am

beach_defender, it would be more helpful for you and anyone else in this forum if you open a new topic describing your issue in details instead of messing old topics that are not related to your issue.
Kaloyan Raev
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Re: Conflict with existing app from local target?

Post by wojtek_g » Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:55 am

For a clarification, it does not mean that there can be only one application in htdocs folder. Applications deployed to Zend Server which use deployment feature are not stored in htdocs but their URL by default are mapped to e.g. http://localhost/<application_name>. In result, deployed application's URL may conflict with the one which is located in htdocs. There are two general approaches that help to avoid such situations:
- work on application located in htdocs folder - in this case project in the workspace links directly to the one in htdocs and any modifications are immediately reflected on the server
- work on application located in a workspace and use Zend Server deployment - in such case project is stored in a workspace location and requires deployment in order to see changes (Automatic Upload feature can improve this workflow to see modifications on servers without updating application on the server)

Kind regards,
Wojciech Galanciak
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