Zend Studio 10.6 with PHP 5.5 Support is here!

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Zend Studio 10.6 with PHP 5.5 Support is here!

Post by natalia_b_zend » Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:44 pm

Zend is pleased to announce the release of Zend Studio 10.6!

You can download this release from:
or update your installation via Help > Check for updates.

In this release:

* Support for PHP 5.5
In Zend Studio 10.6 you can take advantage of the new capabilities of PHP 5.5 like generators, finally keyword, new password hashing API, array and string literal dereferencing, easier class name resolution, empty() function accepting expressions and foreach loops supporting the list() construct. PHP 5.5 support includes content assist and syntax check as well as CLI script execution and built-in PHP 5.5.7 binaries.

* Faster project processing
New option to configure Library Folders will greatly improve the speed of processing your project by Zend Studio and enable you to focus more on the quality of your code. Folders containing PHP library code that is developed and deployed as part of your project but not actively maintained, can be now flagged as Library Folders. As such, they are not automatically validated together with the source code of the project, meaning that syntax errors in the code will not appear in your Problems view. As a result Problems view will only display the warnings and errors that you should really take care of - coming from your source codes! Additionally, Zend Studio automatically flags libraries installed in a Composer-enabled project's 'vendor' folder as Library Folders.

* Improved debugging experience
Xdebug & ZendDebugger configuration is now easier as Studio will automatically detect and validate your PHP binary or local server settings.

* Git integration improvements
Interactive rebase, performance and usability improvements thanks to adoption of EGit 3.2 feature: http://wiki.eclipse.org/EGit/New_and_Noteworthy/3.2.

Fixed Bugs:

Remote System Support:
* Wrong behavior in Data Upload selection screen.
* Include filter pattern on new php project from remote server wizard does not work.
* Inclusion/exclusion filters should be also used for download.
* Exclusion patterns are not applied for files in folders in the project.
* Once you fail to login, the remote project wizard becomes unusable.
* No matter if you add inclusion or exclusion pattern in Data Upload selection screen - you always get all checkboxes not selected.
* Download log in a console is red even if only one download of a file failed.
* Exclusion pattern is not applied during new PHP Project with remote server support creation wizard.
* Unchecking folder in Download wizard does not uncheck all of its children.
* Select a file in deep folder structure in PHP Explorer view - wrong appearance in Data Upload selection screen.
* Data Download selection dialog - Unselecting parent folder check box does not affect children folders.
* Cannot upload selected files in manual upload mode.
* Launching "Data download selection" screen takes a lot of time for big projects.
* Inclusion patterns are not applied for items in base folder (Project directory).
* No warning message was presented to the user when he saves changes in a write protected file on remote server.

PHP editor:
* Changes in Semantic analysis are not immediately applied in editor.
* Undefined Variable warning cannot be disabled.
* Wrong message of "Cannot re-declare method".

PHP binaries and dependencies:
* PHP warnings in Console when running/debugging CLI applications.
* [Linux] libssl.so.0.9.8 and imagick.so missing in Studio binaries.
* [Linux, Mac] PHP CodeSniffer and PHP Depend cause warnings in Console view.

* New local php project wizard should support Zend Framework 2.2.5.
* PHP Manual doesn't work.
* Editing Working set is very slow, sometimes Zend Studio hangs.
* Wrong icon is displayed when you move PHP file in the File System.
* Wrong icon displayed when you create Zend Studio shortcut on desktop.
* [Mac] ZF projects cannot be profiled as web applications.
* Some Targets configurations may break Project wizards in Studio.

Enjoy and send your feedback to studio10feedback@zend.com!

Zend Studio Team
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