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nice update

Post by boeve_webdesign » Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:15 am


First of all my compliments to the Zend Studio Team!!, the update to 10.6 is great, finally PHP5.5 support :), and it's way faster!

Although i hope soon the following will be fixed to:
- html5 validation, now still the attributes names like role give warnings.
- Indention with (short) array notation

Feature request(s):
- Vagrant support, like some editors already have (like in phpstorm)?
- ad php-cs-fixer to toolset?

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Re: nice update

Post by zvika » Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:48 am


Thanks for upgrading and the compliments for the latest Studio release :)

About Indentation and HTML5 attribute names - please open a support case and report as bugs,
even if you're not the first reporter we will add your vote to the bug tracker.

About Vagrant, OK...
What are you after, saving yourself very simple command line usage like "vagrant box list / vagrant up", or code assist in VagrantFile (Ruby) ?

Zend Studio is all about PHP, and Working with Zend Server as runtime in Host / Remote / VM is giving you much better set of tools for development and team than setting up different dev machines and maintaining them (especially looking to start back again when gone and looking for lost changes).
For example (and I could give you better ones based on your use cases), you can deploy the same Project codebase from Zend Studio on several vhosts, such as "myapp-dev" and "myapp-prod" with different deployment scripts (changing "things" on the server side using PHP) for each app, which you can then take to any production server running Zend Server.

I really see a downside in using Vagrant with Zend Studio, since you're actually packaging a guest system and not a portable web app. Aside from the fact you can be filling your system disk pretty quickly with all sort of Vagrant images and VirtualBox instances (unless you are doing some QA for Zend which involves many supported systems ;),
you are bound to infrastructure instead of focusing on the PHP / Framework code to be better and more portable.

About PHP CS Fixer - It should be part of Zend Studio Code Style patterns, you can add the symfony plugin and you should get the php-cs-fixer formatter.
You can also try to execute it with the instructions on Github (directly on your code, letting Zend Studio read all changes and relapse).
Still, if you are on a new project, correct your style as you go - Zend Studio has a builtin formatter for that, and if you think something is missing,
please open a support case with the bug / feature request.

Zvika Dror
Zend Support Team

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