Confusion on workspace(s) versus filesystem-Zend Eclipse PHP

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Confusion on workspace(s) versus filesystem-Zend Eclipse PHP

Post by john8459 » Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:47 am

As a relative newbie, I'm having difficulty understanding the relationship between workspaces and the filesystem. I am using Eclipse for PHP developers 3.2 and Zend's version of Apache. If this is not the appropriate forum, please direct me to the right place. Thanks.

I seem to have gotten some wires crossed somewhere along the way.
When I initially configured my installation, I thought I had set my default workspace to Apache's htdocs folder. I have several folders configured within that folder. Most of them are my own work, but I have at least one folder containing the website for a friend. I copy this website to her hosting service when I make updates. I need to make certain that I do not lose that folder.

The problem is that it does not show up in what I thought was my "default" (i.e.htdocs) workspace in the resource view. Rather, it shows up in the Eclipse default workspace (C:\Eclipse_PHP\zend-eclipse-php\ . Nonetheless, the files still exist in htdocs. At the same time, my htdocs workspace shows nothing in the resource view.

Meanwhile, I attempted to insert a dummy project in the htdocs workspace and was unable to do so. When I tried to do that in the Eclipse workspace, all the other projects became children of the top-level project.

I'm afraid I find this all very confusing. I really want htdocs to be my primary or default workspace. When I am working on a project and I make changes, I do not want to have to move the changes from zend-eclipse-php to htdocs in order to test them.

Any assistance anyone can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Confusion on workspace(s) versus filesystem-Zend Eclipse

Post by natalia_b_zend » Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:42 pm

Workspace is a space for Eclipse to work (store data about your set of projects and preferences).
It's best to just stick to default preference.
Your projects can be located in any place on your disk, when you import them into your workspace you just create a reference (well, you can copy them as well but it's not necessary).
If you set htdocs as your workspace and now you try to import some projects from this location you may encounter 'workspace overlap' error. To avoid this, just create workspace in an independent location and then create a new project from existing resources (pointing to htdocs in new project wizard).
Also, Eclipse does not detect your project automatically. You need to convert them to Eclipse project type. Just use 'New PHP project from existing resource' wizard to do this.
Natalia Bartol
Zend Studio Team

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