Pros and Cons of Studio, Server, and Z-Ray for Web Dev.

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Pros and Cons of Studio, Server, and Z-Ray for Web Dev.

Post by chri1416 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:10 pm

Welcome Forum:

What a great place to meet other PHP professionals and connect. I had a couple of questions or feedback I wanted to ask.

1. How would current users of Zend say that ease and use of Zend Studio and Server is for web development?
2. What are the pros an cons between Zend and MAMP for Mac.
3. Are there certain elements of PHP5 code that is different when using Zend as opposed to a text editor, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin interface?
4. I am familiar with PHP5+, and wanted a native environment for PHP development, so I thought Zend would be a very good choice for dynamic web applications.
5. How do I manage MySQL databases within Zend?


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Re: Pros and Cons of Studio, Server, and Z-Ray for Web Dev.

Post by mark_garrett_goal » Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:30 pm

Welcome to the forums. I'll give my opinion on a few of these:

1. Don't use Server, but Studio is rather useful for debugging, and is very well integrated if you use Server, or other Zend technologies. Most of the new features for the past few versions have all been focused on integrating with other Zend products (Server, Apigility, etc)

3. PHP is PHP. The code isn't different, just how you edit it. Studio has code completion, tie-ins to things like PHPDocumentor, Code Sniffer, code templates, etc that you don't get with something like BBEdit.

5. In Help > Welcome you can add Database Support and DBeaver manager support. I would recommend looking at MySQL Workbench at instead though. It's a bit more feature rich.

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Re: Pros and Cons of Studio, Server, and Z-Ray for Web Dev.

Post by clarkphp » Sat Sep 13, 2014 5:09 am


Why would you not want to use Zend Server? For developers: Notification of events like slow requests and db calls, high memory usage, PHP errors, etc.; Deep-dive profiling of timing and memory usage for every single function called during script run; remote debugging; capturing code traces in production and having all the information you need so you don't have to reproduce on a test or development server. For operations: deployment of an application to a single node or a cluster with the same, single operation, plus easy rollback to previous version; vhost setup right in the GUI. Lots more.

Try Z-Ray for 15 minutes and see what it helps you find out about your code that you didn't know was happening. I am sincerely curious as to why you see no value in Zend Server.

Best Regards,

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