Setting up ZS on Win7 machine with localhost

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Setting up ZS on Win7 machine with localhost

Postby tcarnes on Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:39 pm

I have a PHP project in c:\inetpub\mysite and I would like to set up ZS to work with this project.

When I try to enter that location, I get the message "The provided location is read only" Unfortunately, Windows does not let me make that directory Read/Write. A competitor product, that worked with Visual Studio was able to use the files directly in c:\inetpub\mysite.

I can move the files anywhere I need to, so my questions is how do I set ZS and my files to work together allowing me to debug using IIS on my local machine (using localhost)? I've tried making the folder writable with Administrator privileges, but that did not work.
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Re: Setting up ZS on Win7 machine with localhost

Postby greg7308 on Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:05 am

I can report that this is also happening trying to set up a remote project. I have set up an ftp connection and that finds all of the files on the remote lpar, however when it tries to write the project filename into the ifs folder it reports a read only error.

Zend studio ver 9.04, IBM i OS V6R1.

When I check the folder in windows (mapped drive) it shows under properties as read only (partially checked) each object in the folder does NOT show as read only, just the folders themselves. Checking in IFS my userid has full access.

Has anyone got any clues on this behaviour?

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