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Zend Studio 12.5 Early Access

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:10 pm
by kaloyan_r
Zend is pleased to announce the Early Access preview of Zend Studio 12.5.0!

Noteworthy changes:
  • Eclipse Platform updated to version 4.4.2 Luna SR2
  • Zend Framework 1 updated to version 1.12.11
  • EGit updated to version 3.6.1:
  • PHPUnit integration improvements:
    • Support for PHPUnit 4
    • Support for PHPUnit installed via Composer
  • Debugging improvements:
    • Improved presentation model for "Variables" & "Expressions" views (Zend Debugger, XDebug):
      • Enhanced set of icons for indicating different kinds of variables and their facets (e.g. local, "this" object, public/protected/private members, etc.)
      • Highlighting of variables which value has been changed since the last step/resume
      • Elements without children don't have unnecessary "unfold" icon
      • Added virtual partition element for grouping large sets of array members (children are grouped into n-sized partitions for better readability)
      • Removed "blinking" and folding/unfolding effect of view's tree content
    • Installed debugger types are now automatically set for PHP executables search results
    • Internal browser for debug session is opened in editor's tab instead of the view (XDebug)
    • Fixed problem with hardly possible removal of abnormally terminated debug session launches (Zend Debugger)
  • Installation improvements:
    • Oracle JRE 8 is included in the installation packages for all operating systems
    • The Windows MSI package now installs the required Visual C++ Runtime libraries as part of the installation process
The complete release notes are available here: ... -notes.txt

You can download this Early Access release from: ... rly-access

Alternatively, you can update your existing Zend Studio by:
  1. Adding the following update sites via Help > Install new software > Available update sites: ... s-extra/EA
  2. Execute Help > Check for Updates
CAUTION: Please remember that this is bleeding edge code that may contain incomplete or partially implemented features, and may contain bugs. We recommend that you prepare a backup copy of your project (or the whole workspace) before you start using any Zend Studio early access release.

To share bug reports and any other feedback, please email us at or use the Zend Forums.

  • ZSTD-4856 Code coverage is empty
  • ZSTD-4855 Profile as PHPUnit does not work
  • ZSTD-4846 Config wizard does not show errors when mandatory fields are not set
  • ZSTD-4845 Creating a new PHPUnit config pops-up error
  • ZSTD-4844 [Zend Debugger] Improve refreshing of elements tree in "Variables" view
  • ZSTD-4843 [XDebug] Improve refreshing of elements tree in "Variables" view
  • ZSTD-4840 Update ZF1 version to 1.12.11
  • ZSTD-4839 PHP executables search facility should set up installed debugger type for the results
  • ZSTD-4832 [Zend Debugger] Add support for highlighting variables that are changed as a result of the last step/resume
  • ZSTD-4831 [XDebug] Add support for highlighting variables that are changed as a result of the last step/resume
  • ZSTD-4827 Cannot remove all terminated launches, when try to debug undeployed file
  • ZSTD-4826 Inappropriate title notification, when try to run undeployed file
  • ZSTD-4825 Improvements for presentation model of debugger variables (Variables & Expressions views)
  • ZSTD-4822 In case of Completion Overwrites selected, CA completes only the method name
  • ZSTD-4816 SA detects undeclared method when "use function" is used
  • ZSTD-4815 Content Assist not working after upgrade to 12.0.2
  • ZSTD-4802 On Resume, after the first line breaking the Debugger stops on the next statement
  • ZSTD-4800 Content Assist and Class name overwrite BUG
  • ZSTD-4798 Run/Debug a phpUnit Test Case generates error in the log
  • ZSTD-4795 Debugger related exceptions in log on exit
  • ZSTD-4787 XDebug debugger session opens internal browser in view instead of editor
  • ZSTD-4689 ZS12 Selection Job titile (error)
  • ZSTD-4676 Support for PHPUnit 4
  • ZSTD-4672 Support PHPUnit installed via Composer
  • ZSTD-4643 Pack JRE in the DMG package for Mac OS X
  • ZSTD-4623 [Mac] Studio 12.0.0 update is available but not visible
  • ZSTD-4354 Browser is not triggered after Run -> Web Application
  • ZSTD-4352 PHPUnit cannot recognize test cases in Laravel projects
  • ZSTD-4298 Uninstall does not remove all the contents
  • ZSTD-4076 [Mac] Wrong appearance of pre-installation screen

Re: Zend Studio 12.5 Early Access

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 3:46 pm
by kaloyan_r
We have just pushed an update of the 12.5 Early Access.

Noteworthy changes: Changelog:
  • ZSTD-4871 Update Zend Framework version to 2.3.7
  • ZSTD-4870 Improve the relation between settings of debuggers and related owners
  • ZSTD-4869 [MAC] Error when installing extra features
  • ZSTD-4867 Support for Magento
  • ZSTD-4864 Update Zend Framework version to 2.3.5
  • ZSTD-4862 External tools have no "Program" option
  • ZSTD-4860 Unable to run again a PHPUnit session after restarting the studio
  • ZSTD-4854 Configurations naming
  • ZSTD-4852 Strange output in console when running phpunit test case
  • ZSTD-4849 Detect if PHPUnit in Composer project and use it in "Run/Debug As"
  • ZSTD-4821 Changing formatter profile does not reflect auto-indentation after Enter when typing
  • ZSTD-4806 Obsolete help page (Creating Native Application)
  • ZSTD-4774 Add Eclipse Fonts plugin as an extra feature
  • ZSTD-4674 Download engine dialog needs improvement
  • ZSTD-4668 GitHub Mylyn Connector
  • ZSTD-4642 Problems occurred when start profile session with Z-ray button "Debug/Profile in IDE"
  • ZSTD-4594 Update Terminal page to reflect the change of the plugin
  • ZSTD-4593 Checkbox for PHP 5.5 and Multi cursor are not checked after install
  • ZSTD-4203 Provide reliable help for all available pages in PHP Servers creation wizard(s)
  • ZSTD-4172 Using run PHPUnit configuration when all projects are closed pops out NPE.
  • ZSTD-4064 Showcase for MarkDown Views To Consider Adding to Welcome Page
  • ZSTD-3911 Clicking on some links in help does not open the relevant help pages.
  • ZSTD-1176 When running PHPUnit tests fails due to exit/die, none of test results is visible
  • ZSTD-1172 PHPUnit fails to handle PHPUnit_Framework_SkippedTestError
  • ZSTD-1159 It should be possible to select other PHPUnit than bundled one
  • ZSTD-431 Incomplete or Skipped tests should be clearly marked in the execution summary
  • ZSTD-129 "Class" radio button in New PHP Unit test case dialog works wrong
  • ZSTD-101 Auto generated test case is using capital character as the beginning of private field

Re: Zend Studio 12.5 Early Access

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 3:53 pm
by kaloyan_r
We have just pushed an update of the 12.5 Early Access.

Noteworthy changes:
  • Integration with Apigility 1.1
  • Default memory limit increased to 1.5 GB
  • New extra features:
  • ZSTD-4892 Remove doubtful server's debugger validation script
  • ZSTD-4888 Integration with Apigility 1.1
  • ZSTD-4887 Increase default memory limit to 1.5 GB
  • ZSTD-4884 Doctrine Eclipse plugin
  • ZSTD-4883 Rename "Amazon" extra feature to "Amazon AWS Tookit"
  • ZSTD-4881 ZendStudio 12, Composer, fails to Update Dependencies through proxy
  • ZSTD-4880 Creating a project which requires extra library download crashed Studio
  • ZSTD-4878 [Mac] Zend Studio cannot be launched (fresh install)
  • ZSTD-4877 Add "Eclipse 2.0 Style Plugin Support" to extras update site
  • ZSTD-4876 Proxy issue prevents installation of add-ons
  • ZSTD-4875 Error Log view to the Studio package
  • ZSTD-4874 CA doesn't work for namespaced classes in different files
  • ZSTD-4873 Cannot run PHPUnit
  • ZSTD-4870 Improve the relation between settings of debuggers and related owners
  • ZSTD-4853 Backward compatibility problem with existing project
  • ZSTD-4835 Debug Mode does not work
  • ZSTD-4834 Shortcut keys for Extract variable/method do not work
  • ZSTD-4788 Mark project folder as web root
  • ZSTD-4769 Warning annotation is less readable in Dark mode
  • ZSTD-4527 Autoloading composer-obtained vendor libraries in PhpUnit
  • ZSTD-4350 Support for AngularJS
  • ZSTD-3400 There is always marked project in the PHP Explorer

Re: Zend Studio 12.5 Early Access

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:13 pm
by kaloyan_r
We have just pushed an update of the 12.5 Early Access.

Noteworthy changes:
  • Fixed issue with collapse/expand toggle in PHP Explorer on Windows with dark theme
  • Ctrl+. (dot) shortcut can be used in PHP editor to autocomplete :: and -> operators
  • ZSTD-4904 Expand/collapse toggle of tree views is almost invisible in dark theme on Windows
  • ZSTD-4903 ClassNotFoundException in Composer command output
  • ZSTD-4902 Run the test case, test suite as PHPUnit - big part of the information is missing in browser and debug view
  • ZSTD-4901 Debugger settings page comes 1st in Local Apache, OpenShift and Local ZS wizards
  • ZSTD-4899 Configure Client IPs list order
  • ZSTD-4895 Errors during loading extras plugins
  • ZSTD-4894 Signature error when installing Git/GitHub Mylyn add-ons
  • ZSTD-4893 Exceptions in the console when installing/updating dependencies

Re: Zend Studio 12.5 Early Access

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:28 am
by kaloyan_r
We updated the Early Access update sites with the Studio 12.5 official release.

  • ZSTD-4918 Disable by default the checkbox "Display debug information" in PHPUnit run config on PHP Scripts tab
  • ZSTD-4917 $this should not be highlighted in Variables view as element that value has been changed
  • ZSTD-4912 Apigility 1.0 is broken by ZF 2.4.0
  • ZSTD-4896 Highlighting problems in editor during debug

Re: Zend Studio 12.5 Early Access

Posted: Mon May 18, 2015 3:29 pm
by kaloyan_r
We updated the Early Access update sites with the Studio 12.5.1 official release.

  • ZSTD-4976 Error updating dependencies
  • ZSTD-4974 Deploying from Studio on ZS+nginx is not successful
  • ZSTD-4971 Update Zend Framework version to 2.4.2
  • ZSTD-4968 [Regression] Monitoring filter URLs are not saved
  • ZSTD-4964 Update Zend Framework version to 2.4.1
  • ZSTD-4963 Code Completition for ServiceLocator Items no longer working after update to 12.5
  • ZSTD-4962 Change severity from error to warning when debug port is occupied
  • ZSTD-4961 [Mac] Encode Project fails launching Guard 7
  • ZSTD-4960 Test for debug connection fails when SSL encryption is enabled
  • ZSTD-4959 Can not install DBeaver Other Drivers
  • ZSTD-4950 Debugging as CLI takes into account a debug port from the local server
  • ZSTD-4949 Autodetected local zend server has zend debugger port set to 10000 instead of 10137
  • ZSTD-4947 Hide 'Source Location' group for debug launch configurations that use XDebug
  • ZSTD-4946 Port 10000 in php executables preference is very confusing
  • ZSTD-4945 Changing the port of the php executable is not respected
  • ZSTD-4943 Show message dialog with troubleshooting description if PHP executable info can not be fetched
  • ZSTD-4940 Not able to Export application as "Mobile Application(s)"
  • ZSTD-4939 Wizards and edit dialogs for PHP servers & executables don't look good in dark theme
  • ZSTD-4938 Update Zend Framework version to 2.4.0
  • ZSTD-4937 Migrate project templates to Apigility 1.1
  • ZSTD-4936 [Forum, Regression] PHPDoc is generating invalid return type for method
  • ZSTD-4934 JVM cannot start after update to Studio 12.5
  • ZSTD-4931 Warning Messages using COM class
  • ZSTD-4930 [Regression] Debug mode filtering does not work (not saved at all)
  • ZSTD-4928 Testing ZendDebugger on the second page of the openshift wizard is currently usless
  • ZSTD-4926 Remove the = from the version field in Modify Dependency dialog
  • ZSTD-4921 [Regression, Win] PHP crash during updating dependencies of ZF2 project
  • ZSTD-4911 Irrelevant markdown options in PHP Servers view
  • ZSTD-4891 Integration with Apigility 1.1 Authentication screen
  • ZSTD-4765 Improper autoindent after single line comment
  • ZSTD-4685 There is not working tool bar button, after installing PHP Tools from Welcome page
  • ZSTD-4604 [Forum] Zend Studio 11 mark occurences
  • ZSTD-4558 [Forum] Content Assist and Class Inheritance Issue
  • ZSTD-4403 [Forums] Zend Studio 10 - Freezes when copying php code (ctrl+c)
  • ZSTD-4365 NPE when opening a PHP file from Code Trace editor
  • ZSTD-4077 Studio becomes unresponsive if you change the API version.
  • ZSTD-4070 [regression] Apigility editor - you get an error "API "<API_Name>" not found " when you create an API