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Zend Studio 13.5 released

Postby kaloyan_r on Tue May 31, 2016 6:24 pm

Rogue Wave is pleased to announce the Zend Studio 13.5 release!

Noteworthy changes:
  • Performance:
    • New PHP indexing mechanism based on Apache Lucene, which leads to:
      • 3x faster creation of index
      • 3x smaller size of index on the file system
      • 3x faster searching in the index - finding types, methods, building type hierarchy, code navigation, etc.
      • Code assist is no longer blocked by running indexing processes.
    • Semantic Analysis checks are executed on multiple CPU cores - up to 3x faster
    • Run/Debug launches are not blocked by background build jobs
    • Fixed performance problem with many assignment operators
    • Fixed performance problem with content assist in large array structure
  • PHP 7:
    • Default PHP interpreter changed to PHP 7
    • PHP 7 Built-in executables with Zend Debugger
    • Fixed issue with marking String, Int, Float and Bool as unknown types in function parameters
    • Fixed issue with missing @return tag in generated PHPDoc
    • Fixed issue with Semantic Analysis skipping checks for return types
  • PHP Editor:
    • Content assist windows size is saved
    • Hovering over a problem marker shows the available quick fixes
    • Improved support for PHPDoc tag content assist
    • Format on save always process whole file
    • Fixed problem with code folding during typing
    • Generated use statements adds empty line
    • Inline @var comments are considered by Semantic Analysis
    • Added 'class' proposal for "static:"
  • Debugger:
    • PHP exception breakpoints (supported only for Xdebug)
    • Fixed issue with not stopping on breakpoints when Xdebug is used
    • Fixed issue with failing to start PHPUnit tests when using PHP executables without a debugger.
    • Fixed issue with breakpoints not working for linked resources
  • Other improvements and fixes:
    • Eclipse Platform updated to version 4.5.2 Mars.2
    • EGit is update to version 4.3:
    • Zend Framework 1 updated to version 1.12.17
    • Zend Framework 2 updated to version 2.4.9
    • Apigility updated to version 1.3.3
    • The Eclipse Marketplace Client is added
    • The Terminal plugin is now part of the main installation package
    • Composer console supports ANSI coloring and interactive user input
    • CSS3 profile in the CSS editor
    • Quick fixes are available in the Problems view. Shortcut: Ctrl+1
    • Anonymous classes are displayed in Outline and Quick Outline
    • Detection of Local Zend Server is now optional
    • The Trial screen is reworked to use only Eclipse RCP widgets, which avoids startup issues if the embedded browser cannot be initialized
Discontinued features:
  • Support for Linux 32-bit is discontinued. No installation package will be provided in future.
  • PHP 5.x built-in binaries for running and debugging CLI applications are not provided anymore. Only a single PHP built-in binary with the latest PHP version will be provided. Custom PHP binaries can still be added via the preference page.
  • The Amazon AWS Toolkit extra feature is discontinued. It was a fork of an old version of the plugin. We recommend to use to genuine plugin provided by Amazon: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSToolkitEclipse/latest/ug/tke_setup_install.html
  • The OpenShift integration is discontinued.
  • The VMWare Workstation Support extra feature is discontinued.
The complete release notes are available here:

You can download this release from:

Alternatively, you can update your existing Zend Studio by invoking Help > Check for Updates from the main menu.

Note. Some user may not get the automatic update, even when invoking Help > Check for Updates. If this is your case, then follow these steps:
  1. Open the Window > Preferences from the main menu
  2. Go to the Install/Update > Available Software Sites preference page
  3. Add one of the below update sites, depending on your OS:
    • Windows: http://downloads.zend.com/studio-eclipse/updates/win-13+
    • Mac OS X: http://downloads.zend.com/studio-eclipse/updates/mac-13+
    • Linux: http://downloads.zend.com/studio-eclipse/updates/lin-13+
  4. Click the OK button to confirm the changes
  5. Invoke Help > Check for Updates from the main menu
Warning! Update from Zend Studio 12.5.x or older versions is not supported on Mac OS X. New installation of Zend Studio is required. If an update is attempted, this will corrupt the Zend Studio installation.

To share bug reports and any other feedback, please email us at studio-feedback@zend.com or use the Zend Forums.

Release change log:
  • ZSTD-5582 "Open Call Hierarchy action" error after upgrading Zend Studio 13.5
  • ZSTD-5577 Poor Composer project SA time
  • ZSTD-5568 CLI crash error when profiling as CLI
  • ZSTD-5567 Pie chart sometimes is not nice + missing file error
  • ZSTD-5571 Remove Lucene indexer from fork and enable version from DLTK
  • ZSTD-5560 Lost CA after some errors
  • ZSTD-5559 Redundant indexing is being performed for dependent projects
  • ZSTD-5557 Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ReflectionException'
  • ZSTD-5543 Reorganize links to project wizards on Welcome page
  • ZSTD-5542 Switch Commit action back to showing the Commit dialog
  • ZSTD-5540 Remove JavaScript example project
  • ZSTD-5539 Reorganize Zend actions from Help menu
  • ZSTD-5538 Add indexer id to support tool
  • ZSTD-5537 Option to switch back to H2 indexing
  • ZSTD-5534 Passive mode checkbox becomes unchecked if don't test the connection on remote connection profile screen
  • ZSTD-5533 Add Lucene index overview data to "Support Tool"
  • ZSTD-5532 F3 and Code Assist stopped working suddenly
  • ZSTD-5531 [Regression] Cannot create support file
  • ZSTD-5530 Hide all PDT Extensions functionalities occurrences
  • ZSTD-5529 Update JRE to 8u77
  • ZSTD-5528 Update EGit to version 4.3
  • ZSTD-5527 Project from FTP is very slow and often hangs
  • ZSTD-5526 Update PHPUnit phar version to 5.3.1
  • ZSTD-5524 Update VCRedist to 2015 Update 1
  • ZSTD-5523 [Windows] ZendDebugger does not work
  • ZSTD-5522 [Regression] [Linux&MAC] Cannot create ZF1 projects
  • ZSTD-5521 [Regression] Fix MAC installation
  • ZSTD-5520 Discontinue support for Linux 32-bit
  • ZSTD-5519 Out of box GIT support in Composer doesn't work with latest EGit
  • ZSTD-5518 Composer output in Windows doesn't handle ANSI characters
  • ZSTD-5517 Update Apigility to version 1.3.3
  • ZSTD-5513 Discontinue the Amazon AWS Toolkit extra feature
  • ZSTD-5512 Discontinue the VMWare Workstation Support extra feature
  • ZSTD-5511 Update EGit to version 4.2
  • ZSTD-5509 [Xdebug] Debugger does not stop on breakpoints
  • ZSTD-5508 Parallelize semantic checks for projects
  • ZSTD-5504 Apache Lucene indexer for PDT
  • ZSTD-5503 Move Studio to Eclipse 4.5.2 Mars.2
  • ZSTD-5502 Composer error while installing dependency / dump autoload / creating apigility project.
  • ZSTD-5501 PHP executable with debugger='none' will not run PHPUnit tests
  • ZSTD-5500 Adding composer support starts build process
  • ZSTD-5493 Numerous repeating processess in progress view when cleanng project
  • ZSTD-5490 Could not find PHP executable in workspace on Ubuntu 15.10, 64 bit.
  • ZSTD-5489 MS Visual C++ Runtime Error upon Studio launch
  • ZSTD-5487 PHP 7 Binaries with Zend Debugger
  • ZSTD-5485 CA and hyperlinks can hang UI during indexing
  • ZSTD-5484 NPE in UndeclaredVariableCheck
  • ZSTD-5481 Cannot launch Studio on MAC
  • ZSTD-5479 Make Run/Debug launch independent from build process
  • ZSTD-5478 Make CSS3 profile default for CSS editor
  • ZSTD-5477 Avoid CA hang when project indexing is in progress
  • ZSTD-5476 Reduce visibility of 'Building...' process for non PHP files
  • ZSTD-5475 [PHP7] Missing @return tag in generated PHPDoc
  • ZSTD-5471 [PHP7] String, Int, Float and Bool are marked as unknown types in function parameters
  • ZSTD-5470 Cannot detect/add new Local Zend Server
  • ZSTD-5467 [PHP7] Return type is not checked by SA
  • ZSTD-5462 Update ZF to versions 1.12.17 and 2.4.9
  • ZSTD-5460 Format source in the save action
  • ZSTD-5459 Change name quick fix does not rename all occurences
  • ZSTD-5457 Initialize quick fix for undeclared variables
  • ZSTD-5455 Zend Debugger is breaking the "Concrete 5" application workflow
  • ZSTD-5454 [Forums] New Class/Interface/Trait wizard should not generate closing PHP tag
  • ZSTD-5452 [Regression]: Composer fails to install/updates dependencies
  • ZSTD-5451 Hovering over problems should display the quickfixes
  • ZSTD-5449 Add Terminal plugin to Studio platform
  • ZSTD-5447 [Regression] PHP server edit dialog is not opened after double-click on a related server element
  • ZSTD-5446 Quick fixes in Problems view
  • ZSTD-5444 Integrate Composer console with Terminal plugin capabilities
  • ZSTD-5443 Can not change workspace PHP executable
  • ZSTD-5439 Using Mylyn Notification framework
  • ZSTD-5438 Make local Zend Server detection optional
  • ZSTD-5433 [Regression] Class wizard does not create constructor
  • ZSTD-5431 Remove OpenShift integration
  • ZSTD-5429 Zend Studio is building workspace
  • ZSTD-5428 [Forums] Remember the size of Content Assist window
  • ZSTD-5426 Library features are missing in the Zend Server Integration plugins
  • ZSTD-5424 'Display debug information...' checkbox state not saved
  • ZSTD-5421 PHPUnit tests session is not terminated after execution with XDebug
  • ZSTD-5420 [Libraries] Adding ZPK library does not really add it to preferences
  • ZSTD-5419 Trial screen -> Help ? doesn't close and stack by clicking X button on Ubuntu.
  • ZSTD-5415 [PHP Explorer] 'Deploy To...' command opens application deployment wizard on library project
  • ZSTD-5414 Checking of library version existence should be done at the begining of deployment process
  • ZSTD-5413 Unify code used to deploy library from PHP Explorer view and deployment.xml editor
  • ZSTD-5408 [PHP Servers] If you deploy a library to server, Studio goes in Not responding status for a few seconds
  • ZSTD-5407 [Libraries] Deployment process leaves temporary files and folders
  • ZSTD-5404 Changing the name of a library removes the version
  • ZSTD-5402 Wrong Zend Server libraries toolbar name
  • ZSTD-5400 Not able to create Working Set
  • ZSTD-5399 Remove unused zend server libraries managing UI elements
  • ZSTD-5398 [Import PHP Library from ZPK] Displaying library name and version does not work well
  • ZSTD-5396 Studio creates broken ZF1 and ZF2 project when it's updated from 13.0.0 to 13.0.1
  • ZSTD-5394 [Deploy PHP Library] Selecting library to deploy does not work well
  • ZSTD-5393 ConcurrentModificationException during debugging
  • ZSTD-5391 NullPointerException after pressing Terminate
  • ZSTD-5390 Unable to change XDebug 'Debug Port' value
  • ZSTD-5389 Default PHP executable isn't default anymore after renaming
  • ZSTD-5387 [ZendTool] Creating some zf1 elements in zend tool pops out internal error on screen.
  • ZSTD-5384 Adding zpk package to PHP Libraries doesn't work
  • ZSTD-5383 Strange place for abstract word proposal - inside class -> function
  • ZSTD-5377 Quick fix -> organize use statement button does not work in Ubuntu 15.10
  • ZSTD-5371 Create ccm / apigility project, select read only location - misisng validation.
  • ZSTD-5358 "Group by Namespaces" always shows <global>
  • ZSTD-5345 Rework Trial screen to use RCP only
  • ZSTD-5340 [Forum] Use inline var comments in semantic analysis
  • ZSTD-5324 [Forum] Override/implement doesn't see static
  • ZSTD-5323 [Feedback] Quick diff mode should be 'Git Revision' by default
  • ZSTD-5321 [Feedback] Add Eclipse Marketplace Client to the Studio product
  • ZSTD-5314 [Forum] Enhancement (ZS v13): Non-abstract with no body not an error
  • ZSTD-5298 Undefined variable quick fix strange behavior.
  • ZSTD-5192 [PHP7] No CA for class keyword when defining anonimous class
  • ZSTD-5184 Breakpoints not working when file is linked
  • ZSTD-5060 Can We Change Composer Output Color To Something Less... Red?
  • ZSTD-5033 Review and update Studio icons in dark theme
  • ZSTD-5010 PHP binaries crashing after installing Zend Server
  • ZSTD-4956 [Forum] phpdoc syntax
  • ZSTD-4953 [Forum] phpdoc autocomplete doesn't work
  • ZSTD-4920 Symfony plugin introduces additional getters/setters option and wizard
  • ZSTD-4898 Debug the test case, test suite as PHPUnit - Step Into and Step Over does not work
  • ZSTD-4882 [Pinky] Manual sould be open in a new tab, instead of the small popup windows.
  • ZSTD-4847 "Editor could not be initialized" during debug as PHPUnit
  • ZSTD-4833 Mark Occurrences and refactor/rename not working in external PHP files
  • ZSTD-4808 Creation of ZF1 project in a fresh WS, dislocates the MVC Outline view and overlaps big part of the screen
  • ZSTD-4762 Exception when invoking Zend Module wizard Quick Access
  • ZSTD-4744 Test Service view is not working properly.
  • ZSTD-4734 [Dark Theme]: Unclear error message appears in Exporting User Library wizard
  • ZSTD-4638 Hyperlink shows additional invalid entry
  • ZSTD-4501 [Forum] Code folding issue
  • ZSTD-4341 TODO is colored as PHPDoc not as as Task Tag
  • ZSTD-4186 Delete opened htpasswd or htdigest file from project -> still available in editor.
  • ZSTD-3782 [Libraries] If you deploy a library to target, Studio goes in Not responding status for a few seconds
  • ZSTD-3718 Error when execute zf show version in zend tool if the zf1 is not initialized.
  • ZSTD-3202 Wrong link name in Testing section in deployment descriptor editor
  • ZSTD-3145 [Libraries] If you rename user library you cannot remove the assigned zip file / external folder
  • ZSTD-3070 cannot install mylyn connectors
  • ZSTD-3049 Tab size has no effect
  • ZSTD-3033 mocking causes tests to fail without it showing in the phpunit view
  • ZSTD-2958 PHP Exception Breakpoints
  • ZSTD-2755 Users from .htpasswd and .htdigest editors can be removed only if you click the name
  • ZSTD-1995 Automatically add missing 'use' statements or mark as 'undeclared class' warning
  • ZSTD-1727 Debug URL does not respect the SSL preference
  • ZSTD-1683 Delete a project - unexpectedly, the project files stay opened in editor and corrupted (runtime.CoreException: The file does not exist.)
  • ZSTD-567 [Forums] Breakpoints don't work for linked resources.
  • ZSTD-439 [Usability] A suitable tooltip should be associated to Zend Tool close button
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Re: Zend Studio 13.5 released

Postby kaloyan_r on Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:23 pm

Rogue Wave is pleased to announce the Zend Studio 13.5.1 release!

Release change log:
  • ZSTD-5620 Directory contents are not listed on IBM i FTP
  • ZSTD-5619 Not able to install dependency with Bower
  • ZSTD-5617 [Forums] [Regression] FTP connection to IBM i fails with NullPointerException
  • ZSTD-5616 Broken url opens on ZF Example project creation.
  • ZSTD-5614 Zend Framework Local Project
  • ZSTD-5602 Zend Studio 13.5.0 fails installing if VCRedist 2015 Update 2 is already installed
  • ZSTD-5601 Oci8 extension elements are not available in CA for PHP7 interpreter
  • ZSTD-5600 Update ZF1 to version 1.12.18
  • ZSTD-5597 Update VCRedist to 2015 Update 2
  • ZSTD-5593 Enable additional actions for PHP Editor
  • ZSTD-5591 Studio 13.5.1 replaces 13.5.0 installation directory
  • ZSTD-5590 Crtl + Alt + N combination cannot be unbind
  • ZSTD-5589 Composer exited with an error while creating symfony project
  • ZSTD-5587 [Regression] Restore button does not work
  • ZSTD-5584 Update Eclipse GitHub integration to 4.3
  • ZSTD-5583 Update Docker Tooling to version 1.2.1
  • ZSTD-5563 Semantic analysis for ZF1 source code takes a lot of time
  • ZSTD-5545 Update the "Getting Started with PHP 7" tutorial
  • ZSTD-5498 Debug PHPUnit using php7+ ZendDebugger fails
  • ZSTD-5436 [Forum] Cannot launch Zend Studio on Ubuntu 12.04
  • ZSTD-5401 Studio installator uninstalls existing installation
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