Odd freeze issue...consistent and reproducible

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Odd freeze issue...consistent and reproducible

Post by crazymerlin » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:41 pm

I have a strange issue that I'm hoping is caused by something that I can disable, so that I can get back to work as usual.
When in a .phtml file, if I type

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on a html element, the app freezes and is unresponsive. I believe is is churning data for a "feature" because if I leave it, it does come back (with no data though), as if it is looking up possible CSS classes for me.

It's nice that it can do that, but if it cannot do it in 500ms, it's a hindrance.

Version: 11.0
Build ID: 11.0.2.v20140715-20140926-0202-262
Project recently built, so all meta data should have been collected


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