Incorrect Server Detected with ZRay Debug

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Incorrect Server Detected with ZRay Debug

Postby lupa238 on Thu Aug 31, 2017 5:50 pm

I have a number of virtual hosts enabled on my local Zend Server installation, and I have created PHP servers within Zend Studio for each of them. When I visit a page in my web browser and select debug page from the Zend ZRay Toolbar, it opens in the debug perspective in Zend Studio, however, it has selected the wrong PHP server within Zend Studio. I can confirm this by adding a path mapping during the debug process and confirming which PHP server invocation it is applied to. In this case, it is choosing the server named CMS, despite the url being for the server named Website. Both are technically the same Local Zend Server - v9/PHP7, but referencing different vhosts with a shared dummy.php alias.
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