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Postby mich3894 on Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:24 pm

I am running Zend Studio 13.5, and would really like a wysiwyg HTML editor. I have found and followed numerous instructions to load one from "Help >> Install new software...", but I cannot locate any wysiwyg editors that way.

While Zend Studio does a great number of things exceptionally well, this is one element that would save me tons of time. I don't necessarily need any drag and drop HTML page builder (although that would be awesome), but I would love a way to easily preview the output of a straight HTML page without having to export it or upload it to a server first. My current workflow actually includes switching to Dreamweaver for HTML and mixed content PHP pages, because it just saves so much time. It would be much better, and save even more time, if I could just have a Zend Studio wysiwyg HTML editor. Not to mention allowing me to go with a cheaper license for Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Is there something I am missing? If not, are there plans to add a wysiwyg editor back to Zend Studio?
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