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Re: Remote Xdebug

Post by johansyd » Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:14 pm

I must say I have to agree with jboffel on this. As a professional I have no time to fool around with this.

If the Xdebug option exists in the Debug preferences, I assume that it works.

-Lets say you start a new job and the Senior developer informs you that they are using a development image re-installed with xdebug which mirrors the one running on the development server.
-Lets say that this image is downloaded through a SVN repository and that this image has to be identical to everyone to be able to root out any system dependencies which might show up from using different setups on the development machines.

Round up 100 Web companies and you will find that 50% of them have a similar setup as described above.

Now. What if Zend Studio doesn't support XDebug, but still leave it in the Preference panel.

Ofcouse. There is no problem if everyone on the Team uses the Zend Studio and the Zend debugger, but what if some use Eclipse Indigo?

This means that the company will have to make a choice between Zend Studio and Eclipse Indigo which means they will have to go for the best solution.

If Eclipse Indigo is free and supports both Zend debugger and Xdebug, then why go for Zend studio?

Yes, the team might decide to use Zend Debugger instead of XDebug if the Zend debugger has features that they can't leave with out, but why use Zend Studio?

Has it any other features that might make it worth while, or would it be better to stick with Eclipse and Xdebug since Zend have a tendency to release software that is incompatible with any other free software out there and leave you with the general feeling that you can't really trust where they might jump next.

After just loosing 1 week of work and 60 hours of working time figuring out these incompatibility issues, I just decided that Eclipse is the better solution.

I guess you don't mind loosing customers. Oh well, good luck to you.

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Re: Remote Xdebug

Post by johansyd » Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:18 pm

Since I am such a nice guy and since I might give you another chance if you clean up the mess in the next month or so. I thought that I might share with you may last 60 hours of pain which I am not very happ y about by the way. Here. Enjoy.


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