Using xdebug with Zend Studio for Eclipse

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Using xdebug with Zend Studio for Eclipse

Post by zburnham » Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:40 pm

I'm sure that only Zend Debugger is supported with ZSfE, but was hoping someone might have gone through the steps to get xdebug working. There's a blog post at ... lipse.html that goes through the steps to get it working.. on Linux, it seems. I'm having a hard time replicating these steps on OS X. When I go through those steps and attempt to execute an xdebug session, nothing happens. The page just refreshes as normal. Any help from Zend or otherwise would be appreciated, as there's a few features in xdebug that I like better than the Zend debugger.

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Re: Using xdebug with Zend Studio for Eclipse

Post by emanuelt » Tue May 12, 2009 1:04 pm

Hello zburnham,

I'm sure that this will going to help you, and other users and trying to do the same on any OS that you have Zend Studio for Eclipse installed.

One more thing that I would like to mention...
If you have Eclipse installed, and you are working with XDebug smoothly, you can all the time install Zend Studio for Eclipse as a plug-in to your configured Eclipse.
On both cases we can not help with a support, since we did not QA the application with other plug-ins or with XDebug.

You can get all the information running Zend Studio as a plug-in in our web site at: (Installing Zend Studio as a Plugin)
Or the direct link to the PDF: ... lugins.pdf

Now, back to your question...
XDebug Support can be enabled in Zend Studio for Eclipse in order to enable PHP Web Page debugging on servers running XDebug.

Profiling and PHP Script Debugging using XDebug is not supported.

To enable XDebug Support in Zend Studio for Eclipse:
1. Open the plugin_customization.ini file situated in the com.zend.php plugin.
This is located in <Zend_Studio_for_Eclipse_install_directory>\ plugins\com.zend.php_<ZSE_version_number>\ plugin_customization.ini.
2. Set the ‘org.eclipse.ui.workbench/’ directive to ‘true’ and save the file.
3. Restart Zend Studio for Eclipse.
4. XDebug will now be available in the PHP Debugger list in the Debug PHP Web Page launch configuration dialog (Run | Open Debug dialog | PHP Web Page) and the Installed Debuggers list in the Installed Debuggers preferences page (Window | Preferences | PHP | Debug | Installed Debuggers).

When debugging a PHP Web Page using XDebug, the output will be displayed in the internal/external browser but not in the Browser Output or Debug Output views.

I'm sure that this information will help you to work with XDebug

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Re: Using xdebug with Zend Studio for Eclipse

Post by axolx » Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:02 am

I had Eclipe working fine with both Zend Debugger & Xdebug. I then installed Zend Studio 8 and Xdebug is not longer available. I set in 2 places I could find and Xdebug is still not available.

1) Can you please provide a way to re-enable Xdebug?

2) Can you explain why Zend Studio removes this debugger and makes it non-trivial to add it back again?

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Re: Using xdebug with Zend Studio for Eclipse

Post by johansyd » Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:30 pm

Don't bother use Xdebug with Zend Studio. XDebug does not receive any testing from the Zend Studio team. You might want to use Eclipse indigo with PDT which supports both the Zend debugger and XDebug. If you wonder why Zend can come to such a conclusion you might want to read:


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Re: Using xdebug with Zend Studio for Eclipse

Post by johansyd » Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:42 pm

I would guess that the XDebug option probably just disappeared because Zend Studio uses the same core as Eclipse. So if you install both you might experience strange behavior if you switch back and forth from the different IDEs. I had strange things happing with my preferences as well. The servers I had added would suddenly disappear or change path mapping and use paths that I had previously edited. This would happen if I imported a Zend Studio project as a Eclipse project and then open it in Zend studio again. Some of my Zend Studio preferences would then be deleted or changed.

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