System() return code values

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System() return code values

Postby raytaylorii on Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:44 pm

I originally posted this in the zend server for i forum and got no responses, so I may have posted to the wrong forum...

I am converting to a new IBM I server and have loaded the latest zend server 5.6. The web application has been moved to the new server and runs fine with the exception of the system() function. I installed the zip/unzip utilities from easy400 dot net into the PASE environment on the IBM i. I can run the unzip utility fine from the qp2term interface but not from within PHP. When I use the system() function to run unzip, I get a return value of 50. Can't find anything that tells me what return value 50 means? The system() function runs the unzip utility on the old IBM i server just fine??? Any help would be appreciated.
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