ZendCore stop sometimes with 502 bad gateway

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ZendCore stop sometimes with 502 bad gateway

Postby dari1795 on Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:45 am


We are getting sometimes the message "502 bad gateway" from ZendCore. The only way to solve is restart ZendCore services (that are restarted every night too).

<TITLE>502 Gateway non valido</TITLE>
<H1>Gateway non valido</H1>
<P>Il server proxy ha ricevuto una risposta non valida da un server di flusso.<BR /><P>
Il proxy non può gestire la richiesta per <EM><A HREF=".......php">GET&nbsp;.......php </A></EM></P>
<P>Causa: <STRONG>Impossibile connettersi al server remoto ( tentativo di connettersi a tutti gli indirizzi IP non riuscito.</STRONG></P>

...trying to translate: 502 bad gateway. Proxy cannot manage request for the script .....php. Cannot connect to the remote server

Any idea?
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