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Zend Debugger

Post by tgarvey » Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:52 am

Has anyone been successful using the Zend Debugger for remote scripts? I can get it working for scripts on my PC, but when the script is on my i5 server, I can't get it working. I get a message saying it can't find the dummy.php in the document root. I've copied the dummy.php everywhere and it makes no difference. I need help. Any suggestions?

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Re: Zend Debugger

Post by phpjojo » Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:32 pm

Hello everyone

My Problem is the same. I'll give you a short description of the problems i am having.

I am using Zend Studio 7 and Zend Core
In Zend Studio I can't debug i5_ functions -> undefined function
Solution: Remote debugging on the i5, but that doesn't work

I followed the steps described in the help files of Zend
- Put my client IP in the Allowlist of the debugger
- restart Zend Core/ Apache
- In Zend Studio: Configure the remote server to the document root (in my case it would be - is the adress of my i5
- configure the debugger in Zend Studio for "web page" debugging to use the i5 connection described before

Now here comes my error:
As I press the button "Test Debugger" I get following error:
Link to the error message: http://show.simpload.com/index.php?file ... 667b65.jpg

The dummy.php is located in /www/zendcore/htdocs for sure.
The rights of the /www Folder and all his subfolders have been set to "public" on the i5
my client win xp firewall as been switched off

Did I miss anything?
Thanks for your help


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Re: Zend Debugger

Post by erich_hieden » Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:16 pm

It seems you have entered the wrong 'URL that points to the document root' in the 'Edit Server' window. The document root is configured in your httpd.conf as /www/zendcore/htdocs. If you haven't made any changes to the httpd.conf your URL would be So Zend Studio now knows to look for files in /www/zendcore/htdocs if you access a url beginning with

Example: You try to access -> Zend Studio is looking for the file /www/zendcore/htdocs/dummy.php on your server.

The only thing Zend Studio also needs to know, is how to access the server file system. This can be done on the second tab 'Path Mapping' in the 'Edit Server' window. I don't know how the shares are configured on your i5 but assuming the whole ifs is shared as ifs, you could enter the following as path mapping:

Path on server: /www/zendcore/htdocs
Local path: \\\ifs\www\zendcore\htdocs

With this additional information Zend Studio now knows to find the file from the previous example at \\\ifs\www\zendcore\htdocs\dummy.php


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Re: Zend Debugger

Post by phpjojo » Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:21 pm

Thanks for your help Erich, especially for pointing out my problem with the document root.
I can now gladly say that I solved the problem with the support of Zend.
They did a great job on that.
The main issue was the port configuration in Zend Studio.
Be sure you have checked the "Enable Zend Server integration" when you add a new PHP server connection.
Also check if the correct port is being used and if you need an authentication for your server.

Best regards

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