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Domain name problem

Post by dphillipsvcf » Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:19 pm

I have created a CL using the STRPCO and STRPCCMD commands to call an PHP script in the IFS that will eventually build a URL
to bring up a third party site (using header(Location:) function). The third party site has a
'persistant' login state that can time-out and once it does time-out,
requires another logon. If not logged on, the third party site directs
the browser to their logon page. However, when directed to the logon
page, the local domain (http://myAS400:89/...) gets push into the
domain thus causing a HTTP 404 error since it is my domain and their
page. Is there a setting in HTTP or PHP that would prevent this from
happening? I have tried looking on various PHP sites to see if
anything in PHP can correct this but I find nothing.

So, in review, my CL does a STRPCO and a STPPCCMD PCCMD('start http://myas400:89/myphp.php'). That PHP script builds a URL like '' but since the logon session has ended, their site tries to send me to something like '' but the URL gets changed to 'http://myas400:89/logon.cfm' which does not exist.

Any assistance that you could give me would be appreciated.


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