ZendCore using FastCGI

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ZendCore using FastCGI

Post by mlavinder » Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:21 pm

Found this document from IBM about configuring PHP to use FastCGI with the existing version of ZendCore. I have been wanting to test how my current PHP configuration would work under Zend Server 5.0, so I followed the instructions in the document and setup a new web server using FastCGI with my current ZendCore installation. Happy to say I got everything running, but noticed something odd. I have two jobs running PGM-zfcgi, and while my configuration says to spawn 6 PHP jobs, I see 12 running. It is like everything is running twice. Is this normal, or is this something I need to look into? If it isn't normal, does anyone know what might cause it?

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Re: ZendCore using FastCGI

Post by ryanwatkins » Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:49 am

By default the IBM HTTP Server for i server instances have a primary and hot backup server active at startup time. The backup server is idle and only takes over if the primary server job has problems. if the primary server job abnormally terminates, the hot backup will immediately take over and act as the primary and continue to service HTTP requests. Meanwhile, the original primary server job will be terminated and a new hot backup server job will be started.

The reason you see 12 of the PGM-zfcgi jobs is because there are 6 jobs available for use by the primary server job, and the other 6 jobs are allocated and available for the hot backup server should it need to takeover for the primary server.

So to answer your question, seeing 12 of the PGM-zfcgi jobs is normal if you don't specifically turn off the hot backup server in your HTTP server instance's config file. Should you ever decide to not have a hot backup server job started at startup time, simply specify the following directive in the HTTP config file:

HotBackup Off

After the next HTTP server startup, you would then only see 6 PGM-zfcgi jobs running in the QHTTPSVR subsystem for that particular HTTP server instance.

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