cluster solution with IASP ?

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cluster solution with IASP ?

Post by kseidel » Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:42 am

We are planing to realise a Cluster IASP (independent auxiliary storage pool) solution
for our webbased applictaion's. We created two equal Systems with V6R1 and latest
PTF's installed. On each Systems we attach a new switchable ASP.

Now we want to install ZendCore on both Systems. We want that the apache-settings,
php-settings and the php-scripts sync automatically. The php-skripts will access to the DB2
switchable ASP.

Does anyone did something like this and can give us some hints ?
Does anything needs special attention when we install ZendCore ?
Should we install ZendCore on the based System ASP or on the switchable ASP ?
How could we setup an automatic sync for ZendCore on both Systems ?


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Re: cluster solution with IASP ?

Post by darkluke980 » Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:54 am


we have a customer with similar configuration. Unfortunately ZendCore must be installed on the based System ASP of each i5.

Brutally we change INLASPGRP of each jobd in ZENDCORE library to load IASP.

Daily, we make a SAVF from master system with SAV command, put SAVF via FTP in slave system and restore source and configuration.

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