OS Upgrade ..V5R3 to V5R4

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OS Upgrade ..V5R3 to V5R4

Post by tomjedrz » Fri May 08, 2009 11:16 pm

I did the captioned upgrade. I am wondering if I need to upgrade Zend?

- I ran the update following the directions, and once I got my Zend Network user straightened out it ran fine. The Update tab on the control center shows all current on the levels than match the website.

- On the GO LICPGM screen, the 1ZCORE5 licensed programs shows Installed Status = *INSTALLED (instead of *COMPAATIBLE) and Installed Release = V5R3M0 (instead of V5R4M0)

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Re: OS Upgrade ..V5R3 to V5R4

Post by shlomov » Mon May 11, 2009 9:43 am

The SAVF used is saved as target release-level previous, to allow V5R3 customers to install as well.
See the Save Licensed Program (SAVLICPGM) command parameters.

1ZCORE5 V5R3M0 Zend Core for IBM i5/OS (2.6.1) is the correct license program version.
As for the Zend Core version (2.6.1), it will not change in the LP description, even after applying the updates from our web site to move to version 2.6.4 that includes PHP 5.2.9.

The true version can be viewed in the Core GUI - phpinfo().
Shlomo Vanunu
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