Alternative to 'COM' Class

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Alternative to 'COM' Class

Post by afmkmrsys » Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:52 pm

Does anyone know of an alternative to using the 'COM' class, since the 'COM' class does not work on a non-windows server? (at least that's my current understanding)

What I'm trying to do is read a MS Access DB that is updated nightly and uploaded to an IFS directory. It's a small DB with only a handful of tables. I essentially need to read these tables and update our DB2 database accordingly.

The issues we are encountering all come back to not being able to use the 'COM' class or connect to MS Access using ODBC or ADO because we must have MS Access drivers, and they are not compatible in i5/OS. Since this needs to be automated on a daily basis, we do not want to manually export the access tables into another file format (if possible).

Any suggestions or help in this would be greatly appreciated.


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