Zend & IBM extend and expand our alliance

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Zend & IBM extend and expand our alliance

Post by kentatzend » Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:54 pm

For the past five years, IBM and Zend have collaborated to deliver a PHP-based, open-source ecosystem around the Power Systems IBM i platform. The goal has been to provide a tested, pre-configured, optimized, and supported technology stack that enables IT organizations to web-enable their existing applications, databases, and/or business logic that resides on IBM i systems. Mission accomplished!

Looking ahead, IBM and Zend will sustain this commitment to the IBM i community for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, we are expanding our strategic alliance in new and important ways that will keep the platform open, vibrant, and growing.

Zend Server for IBM i
  • IBM will continue to deliver Zend Server for IBM i with every IBM i shipment. Zend Server 5.5 for IBM i will be GA by year end—a release that fills the application deployment gap in the PHP application lifecycle. Zend will continue to provide the first year of support for Zend Server CE at no additional charge with follow on support subscriptions for additional years.
  • Zend will provide "Zend DBi" as a drop-in replacement for MySQL on the IBM i platform. Zend DBi will be shipped as part of Zend Server for IBM i and freely downloadable as a standalone package. The build will remain open-source and be updated over time to implement relevant bug fixes and features that become available for MySQL on other platforms. Commercial support will also be available for purchase.
  • IBM will continue to maintain and deliver, via Zend Server and as a standalone package, the DB2 Storage Engine for MySQL for IBM i. This offering will evolve along with the custom build of MySQL on IBM i delivered with Zend Server.
  • IBM and Zend are developing an open-source toolkit alternative, based in XML. It is available in beta now as part of Zend Server 5.1 for IBM i and downloadable from the Young i Professionals site: (http://www.youngiprofessionals.com/wiki/XMLSERVICE). The XML toolkit will GA by year end.
Zend Studio for IBM i
  • Zend will continue to make Zend Studio on IBM i freely available to IBM i users, via download from the Zend website, along with the first year of support at no additional charge.
  • Zend recently integrated Zend Studio, inclusive of all IBM i-relevant features, with Adobe Flash Builder. The resulting new product, Flash Builder for PHP, extends the PHP-enabled modernization story for IBM i shops from the Web to mobile devices like Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, and the Blackberry Playbook. Zend offers Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP at a discount to existing Zend Studio for IBM i users.

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Re: Zend & IBM extend and expand our alliance

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Re: Zend & IBM extend and expand our alliance

Post by tek3867 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:05 am

This is the best extend by Zend, IBM expand the alliance nice stuff.

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