how to do with a 403 ?

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how to do with a 403 ?

Post by feng7382 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:45 am

Hello everyone, I'm trying to do something very simple HTML / PHP with the apache server on iSeries
But when I open the html page gives me the error "You do not have permission to access /ricerche/menu.html on this server."
The address is puissantlaser
If I try http://as400:89/Zend_Navigator_Demo/login.php page work.
I also changed the permissions on the folder ricerche equal to Zend_Navigator_Demo that, but nothing do
can you help me please

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Re: how to do with a 403 ?

Post by mark397 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:09 pm

A 403 error is a permissions problem. You likely created the file with permissions that do not allow the user the web server instance runs on to read the file. Zendserver on the iSeries runs under the user QTMHHTTP and if that user doesn't have permissions you'll see the 403. On the green screen do a WRKLNK on the file and all parent directories to view and edit the permissions. You will specifically need read permissions (R) and may need write (W) permissions on directories if you're going to be doing any file operations. When you do a WRKLNK navigate to the file/folder you want and select 9 for authority. If you see QTMHHTTP put a 2 on that line to edit, or if it's not available type 1 in the top line and specify QTMHHTTP as the user and *R (or *RW if you need write) and press enter. For both editing and adding you'll end up at the same screen next. Here you'll be able to edit the object authorities - use *OBJEXIST and *OBJREF for read permissions, and *ALL for read/write. If you specify *ALL in the directory subtree option you can make the changes recursive, which can be useful but dangerous.

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