No OpenID in ZF2?

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No OpenID in ZF2?

Post by djcurtis1 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:35 am

Hi, I'm new to Zend framework.

I'm just piddling around with working though some tutorials and was trying out the Zend_OpenId_Consumer, which is mentioned in numerous writes-ups for zf1.x, but seems to be totally absent from zf2 (there also seem to be a few other modules along with several other modules I could see myself using).

Is there a plugin somewhere for zf2 to supply this functionality? Is this something that's planned for a future release? Or, has it just been totally dropped from the framework? If so, am I better of using zf2 and something like lightopenid or am I safe using 1.12 for new builds? I'd just worry about investing my time in getting familiar with zf1.x, if it's already outdated.


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