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ZF2 Onboarding and General Zend/Community Support

Postby ndamico on Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:02 pm

Just ramping up on ZF2, hoping to use it to implement a new project for a client, a relatively complex platform that will have several modules that need to share a lot of models and each serve their own site/app. I was never a ZF1 user.

The onboarding is a bit more painfull then I had hoped. The getting started tutorial was initially awesome with the first couple steps, and emphasizing phpunit integration/examples.., then it kind of went off a cliff when it dove into the model/views, things seems WAY complicated for doing simple things. Things mellowed out a bit when I just started browsing the general documentation, examples were much clearer, still lots to try and figure out how much an effort it will be to achieve what I want.

Other issue eating at me while I learn is a general sense of annoyance and dis-interest from ZF1 users to use Zf2, as well as what seems to be a lack of community, at least on these forums. I guess my lack of ability to find lots of concrete examples and how-to's on the web is somewhat do to ZF2's newness, but still think with a for profit company behind it should be a bit of a step up.

Is this initial experience and thoughts I have correct? Or should I give it more time?

Also exploring other frameworks to use, tops on list is composer and "standards" support, nice phpunit integration/consideration, and ability to run multiple "modules"/apps on top of the same framework side-by-side while sharing/re-using a bunch of models and some controllers.
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