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Replace words with page load

Post by erik_m » Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:53 pm

I have an application where the user is able to change all kind of words throughout the whole application. For example, if one user doesn't want to see the word "Resources" but "People", they can manage that themselves and I have that stored in a table called 'terms' where I have a column for the user ID, the old term and the new term.

What I am trying to accomplish is the following steps:

1. User logs in
2. User sets the term "Resources" to "People" (record added in the DB)
3. The user goes to a page where the word "Resources" is displayed for example as a menu description
4. This user sees this word as "People" because he termed it

So what I am trying to accomplish is a general way that with every page load, before the page is displayed the words that are in the terms-table for that user have to be replaced to the terms that the user has entered. How can I create this?


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