New to MVC w/Zend- best practice question

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New to MVC w/Zend- best practice question

Post by stah0121 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:45 pm

So I've been learning how to write software for close to 6 years now.
I know C/C++ best because of my current job and my education but I worked as a PHP application developer for about 2 years, so I know all the basics, some advanced things, and have a solid understanding of strong software design and good programming practice.

My question here involves the "view" piece of a Model-View-Controller architecture using Zend, the way I want to design it such that the main view/html template (header, footer, nav menu) and all of its associated files are logically kept together as a single entity, and when a user makes a request to change pages/controllers or something, then I can just inject a module view with the proper data and display it to the template already sitting there, not needing to be refreshed too often.

Am I thinking about this correctly? What are some of the Zend classes I should start looking into, I have read about PhpRender a little bit, and had tried messing with layouts in Zend 1.14 I believe(?) and didn't have much luck.

I am more or less looking for a way to have a valid html page template that won't change very often, and be able to quickly and efficiently inject different view pages into the main template to render the final view that the user sees.

Anyone got any advice for me?

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