Zend framework joke or?

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Zend framework joke or?

Post by preg-match » Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:54 pm

On zend framework website you have that learn part where is presented that "Albums app".

In order to do something simple as connect to db, insert new record, edit record, or delete recordyou have to create few dozen directories, few dozen files, you have to edit god knows how many files, to fix tons of errors in order to run that app. In real life all you need is one controller, one model and one viewer and one config file if you want.

I do not want to lie. That library dir with all that classes db, xml, json etc is great. So instead of building your app on zend framework it is better just to use that classes (classes that you need in you app).

I am not critic in bad sense, I just want to know if I am wrong or stupid for looking at this framework like this.

My question is: Why using something so complicated to create something simple!?

p.s. pretty much I thing of Code igniter or Yii or CakePHP or Symphony...

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