WAMP + Zend 1.12 + Installation

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WAMP + Zend 1.12 + Installation

Postby hjd1nf345dd1qkwaygd on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:44 pm


I am an absolute novice with this framework. I am trying to install version ZF1.12 in WAMP server. Here is the situation I am facing.

Server - WAMP
Zend Framework version - 1.12

My Approach
1. Update httpd.conf for the module mod_rewrite.
2. Update environment variable.
3. Copy the full contents of the installer to the folder c:\wamp\www\zend\.
4. Copy the demo quickstart project into a new folder http://localhost/zendtest/.
5. Run the demo quickstart project in localhost http://localhost/zendtest/quickstart/public/. Its running. The default blue 'Welcome to the Zend Framework!' front page appears.

Please clarify the following points.
1. Is this approach right for any ZF project?
2. Is it possible to use separate zend library for individual project by including the library folder within the project? Please tell me how to make it. Is there any changes in any default files needed for doing so?

Suggestions needed
1. Please tell me how do I start coding. If I wish to write a simple CRUD application then how do I move. I will be obliged to get a simple example.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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