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A zend based site from scratch

Postby kian6526 on Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:21 am

To whom it may concern:
I am developing a website, instead of downloading skeleton-application via create-project command and developing my own site on its top, I decided to start from scratch: 1-download and setup and install composer 2-I created proper structure for site based on zend framework, many files just were copied from other projects 3-a Virtual host and enabling development environment there in which I received this error: zf-development-mode is not a recognized command 4-updating index.php too in regard application_env.
Now what I would like to know is this: Is there a command with composer to create an empty project with necessary files, then I develop my own modules on its top? In other words, downloading an empty project with necessary basic files and starting from scratch rather than developing next to skeleton-application or
what basic files I am to copy and paste from other zend projects to the new one that prevents errors?
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