Zend_Mail_Protocol_Abstract::_receive timeout

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Zend_Mail_Protocol_Abstract::_receive timeout

Post by michaelscook » Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:17 pm

After upgrading to Zend Server 6, our application is unable to send email via our Exchange server. It connects successfully, but throws a timeout as it waits for the welcome banner. I have watched the communication via Wireshark, and I can tell that it does connect successfully. The banner is presented as expected, with a leading '220' code.

I can telnet to the port from the system and manually send an email. The application, when hosted on a version 5 server + ZF 1.11.11, operates normally. Any suggestions?

PHP version 5.3.26
Zend Server Version: 6.1.0
Zend Framework: 1.12.3

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