Need Image at Item level in RSS feed

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Need Image at Item level in RSS feed

Postby chri1881 on Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:28 pm

Is it possible to add an image to each item/entry in my RSS feed using Zend?

Instead of:
<enclosure url="link here" type="" length=""/>

I need:
<image><url>link here</url></image>

I need it formatted as above for a specific extension we use in our system.

I am using a custom CMS extension in Magento Enterprise 1.14.1.

This is the PHP that builds the feed:

Code: Select all
class SnapAgency_Blog_Block_Rss extends Mage_Core_Block_Template {
    public function _toHtml()
        $newurl = Mage::getUrl('articles/rss');
        $title = Mage::helper('rss')->__('Dayspring Blog Posts');

        $rssObj = Mage::getModel('rss/rss');
        $data = array('title' => $title,
            'description' => $title,
            'link'        => $newurl,
            'charset'     => 'UTF-8',

        $blogPosts = Mage::getModel('snapagency_blog/post')->getCollection()
            ->addFieldToFilter('published', array('eq' => 1));

        foreach($blogPosts as $blogPost) {
            $image_path = Mage::getBaseUrl(Mage_Core_Model_Store::URL_TYPE_MEDIA) . $blogPost->getFeaturedImage();

            $data = array(
                'title'         => $blogPost->getTitle(),
                'link'          => $blogPost->getPostUrl(),
                'description'   => $blogPost->getExcerpt(),
                'author'        => $blogPost->getWriter(),
                'lastUpdate'       => strtotime($blogPost->getDate()),
                'enclosure'         => array(
                        'url'  => $image_path,

        return $rssObj->createRssXml();

I've spent a couple of hours trying to resolve this and haven't gotten anywhere. From what it looks like, Zend does not support <image> for individual entries and has it only at the channel level. :(
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