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[Zend 1.x] Paginator custom possible?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:07 pm
by yass8250
Hi Zend community,

I'm working on Zend 1.12, I use the default Zend paginator.
The Zend paginator allow amount of pages, and amount of items per pages.
My use case are:
    To save the amount of items per page from user selection in data base
    Next when the user select the page, load the user preferences

My question is how can I do that with Zend?
It is possible without create some logic?

If is not...
My ideas are:
Because my pagination file are used for all of pages
    Check all the path are using pagination and make a condition with the route like "module/controller/action" for every route
    Load the user preferences for this path
    If the path is not paginated load the default value for this page

What do you mean?

Thanks for answers.