Zend Server using only 5 processes from 32 runnig

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Zend Server using only 5 processes from 32 runnig

Post by echodelta » Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:13 am

We have strange system limitation:

I've set up fast CGI configuration for 32 processes:

Server type="application/x-httpd-php" CommandLine="/usr/local/zendsvr/bin/php-cgi.bin" StartProcesses="2" SetEnv="LIBPATH=/usr/local/ZendSvr/lib" SetEnv="PHPRC=/usr/local/ZendSvr/etc/" SetEnv="PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN=16" SetEnv="PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS=512" ConnectionTimeout="600" RequestTimeout="43200" SetEnv="CCSID=819" SetEnv="LANG=en_US" SetEnv="LDR_CNTRL=MAXDATA=0x80000000" SetEnv="INSTALLATION_UID=20110131125303034966"

But only 5 of them are being used simultaneously. So if there are 5 heavy scripts running, apache will not respond untill of the processes finishes.
The rest 27 processes just sitting and waiting.

Situation looks like there is some type of parameter, like in WIN/LIN systems, 'MaxClients' that is set up to 5 by default.

We are running Zend Server 5.01 on IBM I V7R1.

Maybe someone had the same situation and got a solution?

Wanted to post screenshot, but system does not allow to attach links.


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