Unqualified Tables ignore i5_libl options

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Unqualified Tables ignore i5_libl options

Postby dan8246 on Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:55 pm

I'm trying to configure a local development workstation to connect to a remote IBM i DB2 server. I'm using IBM Data Server Client in conjunction with Zend Server trial (8.5.7), PHP (5.6.30) on Windows 10. I've cataloged the nodes and database in the DB2 command window and can successfully connect to the DB2 server using the DB2_* functions. The issue I'm having is when I rely on the i5_libl option which I'm passing to db2_connect() by using unqualified table names. I'm running IBM i V7R2.

I've confirmed that my library list is actually changing when I create the connection by querying QSYS2.LIBRARY_LIST_INFO. I'm not sure if there is another way I should be verifying this though.

Code: Select all
$database = '<database name>';
$user = '<user name>';
$password = '<password';
$port = <port>;

$options['i5_naming'] = DB2_I5_NAMING_ON;
$options['autocommit'] = DB2_AUTOCOMMIT_OFF;
$options['i5_libl'] = 'MYLIB YOURLIB ANYLIB';

$conn = db2_connect($database, $user, $password, $options);

if ($conn) {
    echo "Connection succeeded."; //It succeeds

else {
    echo db2_conn_error()." | ".db2_conn_errormsg()."<br />";
    echo "Connection failed.";


$stmt = db2_prepare($conn, $sql);
$result = db2_execute($stmt);
    while($row = db2_fetch_assoc($stmt)){
        echo "<pre>";
        var_dump($row);  //In addition to entries for QSYS, QSYS2, QUSRSYS and QHLPSYS I get entries for MYLIB, YOURLIB and ANYLIB.
        echo "</pre>";
    echo "failed<br />";
    echo db2_stmt_error()." : ".db2_stmt_errormsg()."<br />";

Has anyone run into this before? Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions?
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Re: Unqualified Tables ignore i5_libl options

Postby dan8246 on Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:49 pm

Just adding to my question. I realized I may not have been entirely clear in my previous post.

The PHP manual states "Unqualified files are resolved using the library list for the job." when i5_naming is enabled. This isn't happening as I am enabling i5_naming as part of my connection. It currently uses the current DB user name as the qualified library instead of the library list.

Has anyone ever enabled i5_naming when connecting to a remote DB2 server and not had unqualified names resolved using the library list? As previously posted I'm checking the current job's library list by running the query "SELECT * FROM QSYS2.LIBRARY_LIST_INFO". If this is not an accurate method to obtaining this information, can anyone provide me with steps to an alternative method? I'm not sure how to do this as the PHP script can be serviced by one of many jobs and is only active for a short period of time.

Much appreciation,
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