Green screen display file hot spot link into phpBB

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Green screen display file hot spot link into phpBB

Post by kent_zacharias » Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:44 pm

Does anyone have examples of how to connect a iSeries display file to phpBB?

For example, an ERP or WMS application has green screen display files which contain fields such as ‘customer order number’ or ‘Vendor purchase order’ or 'Company' or 'Warehouse', etc.

The requirement is to use a free open source application package, pphBB, for internal comments, etc.

The requirement is to allow the user to move their cursor to a field on their green screen session, order number for instance, and after they click upon the order number then the following happens:
1. Brower session starts
2. User is logged into phpBB using AS400 credentials
3. Starts phpBB directly into the Customer Order phpBB category (for example)
4. User is then defaulted into the correct forum topic, if the 'customer order' topic exists for the clicked upon order, then the User has that topic, if there is no forum topic for that order, then, a new topic is created for the User.

It would be like connecting a green screen program into this Zend forum. The forum and topic is the target, and the source is the green screen user id and green screen application customer order number (as example).

Currently, Usesr have to log into phpBB and drill down into phpBB category and topic. If there is a white paper or how-to web site suggestion it would be greatly appreciated.


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