Zend Server User Interface won't load

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Zend Server User Interface won't load

Postby jstalnecker on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:19 pm

We have just installed Zend server on a new IBM i machine and the Zend server user interface won't load. It did load and we went through the set up steps. Everything when fine until the last step when it just hung. Since then every attempt to access the user interface results in an error - tasks have not been completed!

From looking at the ui logs, I think it is related to the DB: because the error is coming from /usr/local/zendsvr6/gui/module/Application/src/zsd/Db/TasksMapper.php 299.

What do we need to do to fix this issue?
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Re: Zend Server User Interface won't load

Postby mitc2064 on Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:16 pm

I had a similar issue where my UI would not load and fought it for over 2 days before I finally noticed that even though I had ended the Apache and Zend Server Subsystem, there were several jobs that remained active. Once I ended those and restarted, everything worked as it should.
GO ZendSvr6/ZsMenu
1) take option 2 to End Zend Server Subsytem
2) option 11 to Stop Apache Server Instance
3) option 3 to Work with Zend Server Jobs (option 3 for both)
If there are jobs still here after a few minutes, end them manually. When all Zend Server jobs have ended...
1) option 1 to Start Zend Server Subsystem
2) option 12 to Restart Apache Server Instance
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