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Cannot access admin on port 10091 Zend Svr 9.1 (PHP7.1)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:15 am
by gile2186
I have just installed Zend Server for IBM i 9.1.0 (PHP7.1). It is running side by side with Zend Server for IBM i 8.5.6 (PHP 5.6 ). The OS is IBM i 7.1.
The Zend Server 8 environment is running absolutely fine. It runs some Wordpress and SugarCRM websites and I can access the admin page on port 10081.
When I try and access the Zend 9 admin page on port 10091 I get: {"message":"Zend Server failed during initialization: Dependency failure: Zend Utils extension must be loaded","prevs":["Dependency failure: Zend Utils extension must be loaded"]}

Any body else had a similar issue and managed to solve?

(SOLVED) Re: Cannot access admin on port 10091 Zend Svr 9.1

PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2017 5:05 pm
by gile2186
Ok so I noticed that there were some php extensions that were not being loaded, from phpinfo(), eg datacache, zip etc and this error was appearing in the php.log with an error message relating to libz.a:

php-log-error.jpg (292.46 KiB) Viewed 701 times

I created a brand new partition and loaded ZS9 on its own.

After much head scratching I noticed in the /usr/local directory on the new partition that it did not have the lib directory, it just had the following entries:

@LongLink STMF
install.log STMF
mariadb SYMLNK->DIR
mariadb-10.1.12-os > DIR
mariadbdata DIR
zendphp7 DIR

Where as the partition with the side by side (ZS8 and ZS9) installs had entries for lib, docs, bin etc.

So I went into /usr/local/lib and renamed libz.a to libz.a.old and then did an ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(ZENDPHP7) and ENDSBS SBS(ZENDPHP7)
and then STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(ZENDPHP7) and STRSBS SBS(ZENDPHP7/ZENDPHP7) and hey presto I could access the ZS9 admin console on port 10091 and all the extensions were being loaded in phpinfo().

I can only assume the the existence of the /usr/local/lib directory was from an older install of Zend (It had a creation date of 2014) and somehow the libz.a was being picked up by ZS9?

Hope somebody else finds this useful.